Oh dear. I arrived into work this morning to find both an email and a voicemail from Lola’s husband. He said he had to talk with me.

I replied to the email and told him that I’d call him tomorrow.

Ugh. I am not looking forward to the conversation.

I saw Lola last week. A few coworkers and I took her out for a belated birthday lunch. We had some time to talk privately afterward and she said that her husband had been calling all her friends (even doing pretty significant internet investigation to find their contact info, which he’s obviously done with me). He’s been asking her friends for their advice on what to do.


That seems inappropriate.

One of our coworkers who didn’t know about Lola’s affair before he called to tell her (!!!) told him that he should fight to win her back. I laughed at that advice. Lola doesn’t need him to fight for her; she needs him to back off and give her some time to process everything.

Maybe she’ll eventually realize that she misses him.