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Sharing laughter and having a partner with a similar sense of humor is extremely important to me. Hayden and I have that, and it’s one of the best things about our relationship and time together.

We usually laugh until our sides hurt every time we see each other. It’s not obnoxious nor constant – we have our serious sides – but it happens consistently. I love it.

On Monday night when he was over to watch The Bachelorette, a general contractor was doing work at my place and was repeatedly using a drill or a saw that sounded like a cat in distress. The first time it happened, I looked at Hayden wide-eyed and said, “That sounded like a cat!” He immediately cracked up and said he thought the same exact thing. He said, “I think it’s crazy that you think it sounds like a cat, too.”

After that, whenever the drill made a yelping cat sound, we would laugh until we had tears in our eyes.

I always have so much fun with Hayden.

This is such a nice change from my relationship with Tex. Tex was so fucking serious almost all the time. We had fun times together, but they weren’t light-hearted and we didn’t share much laughter.

It’s important to me.

On Monday night, I told Hayden during tender post-coital snuggles that he’s one of my favorite people in the world.

I find it interesting that Hayden is the same age that Mars was when I first met him. I was 27, Mars was 31. I think back to what Mars was like and try to find similarities with Hayden… as if age is the only factor (it’s obviously not). Generally speaking and in my experience, guys still need to mature a lot at that age.

Mars was a little commitment shy at that age. We dated for 3 years before becoming engaged. We may have dated indefinitely if I hadn’t put pressure on him to commit. (I wanted to buy a home but could only do that if I moved out of San Francisco.)

Mars was very responsible at age 31. He’d already bought a home and he’d been working in his profession at least 8 years. He spent most of his free time working on his house and traveling.

I suspect Hayden feels similarly about commitment as Mars did. However, I suspect Hayden is less responsible than Mars was. Hayden is responsible: He is very devoted to his job… but he’s newer to his career and not as financially stable as Mars was. And he obviously doesn’t have home-owner responsibilities.

In some ways, I feel like I’ve gone back in time dating someone who’s 31 once again. It feels vaguely deja vu.