Hayden and I will be seeing each other tonight…making it four days in a row.  (!!!!)

We’ll be watching The Bachelorette tonight.  Hometown dates are happening tonight – should be extremely entertaining.

Hayden arrived at my house after work on Friday night. I insisted that he eat his leftover taco from Wednesday night that he’d forgotten in my fridge before we left for the movie theater to see Wonder Woman. My plan was to get a hot dog once at the movie theater. (The hot dog was disgusting, by the way, and gave me an upset stomach.)

Wonder Woman had impressive reviews so my expectations were high. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. I will admit that I have zero knowledge of the comic book story so that may be why? I had all sorts of preconceived ideas that turned out to be false. For example, I did not know that she was a Greek goddess. I thought she was American (I recall a red, white, and blue outfit with stars).

I had so many questions afterward. Why were all the woman on that secret island so gorgeous? And… let me get this straight: Diana’s mom had sex with a god?? And the God of War, Aries, lived his life as a German officer? Or was he an English officer? Or was he a spy??? Be he’s also a Greek god….?! I’m so confused!

The movie plot was hard to follow. I enjoyed it but it’s far from my favorite superhero movie. (I remain a huge fan of Iron Man.)

Both Hayden and I had had a long week and were exhausted so we went back to my place and went to bed early. He left after breakfast the next morning. We both had errands and chores to do, but he said he’d return around 3 pm so we could go grocery shopping for our picnic dinner later that night. We had plans to see the classic 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast at a downtown park.

We bought all sorts of goodies: packs of hummus & pitas, cherry tomatoes, crackers, fancy cheeses, sliced mango, potato salad, and cute individual cans of sparkling wine.

We got to the park a little early and set up our blanket and enjoyed our picnic dinner. The last time I’d seen Beauty and the Beast was actually in the theater in 1991. I don’t recall much about it except that I was annoyed at the pompous village dude named Gaston. Hayden saw it in the theater, too, but he was a little boy so he barely remembered it.

We were both horrified by the story line:

  • Belle is quirky (she likes books?! *gasp*) but is “the most beautiful girl in the village”… so much so that the pompous village asshole, Gaston, wants to marry her and will not stop at her saying no. Gaston admittedly only wants her for her beauty.
  • Beast was turned into a beast because of a spell. The spell was cast because he was a massive jerk.
  • Beast takes Belle captive as a sort of “swap” – her dad was originally held captive for trespassing into the castle but he was old and his health was iffy so Belle asked Beast to take her instead.
  • Beast had somehow forgotten all table manners/ how to eat with utensils after being under a spell for just 10 years.
  • Belle falls in love with her beastly captor after what seems like just 2 days… and only because he starts to show small gestures of human kindness.

I was agitated after the movie. We both had lots of questions. Why was Beast’s staff also put under a spell? That seemed unfair. Also, what would have happened had the beast not been rich? Belle wouldn’t have fallen in love with a poor Beast in a shack. She would have had to sleep in a barn and make her own meals…..!

And Disney can just stop with beautiful princesses. Actually, that goes for all of Hollywood. The emphasis on looks is ridiculous and sexist.

By the time we arrived home after catching an Uber, it was 11 pm. Hayden had asked if I wanted to watch Wimbledon with him at 6 am the next morning (of course I said yes) so we immediately climbed into bed and fell asleep.

Hayden was a high school tennis star and is passionate about the sport. I hadn’t played tennis since I was in high school myself so he had to explain the scoring to me. Watching the Federer/Cilic match was interesting. I don’t think I had a typical Wimbledon watching experience, though, because of Cilic’s emotional and athletic performance breakdown.

After Wimbledon, I left town to see family in the sweltering valley heat. I was on/in the water so it wasn’t as unbearable as I expected.

It was a busy but super fun weekend and I am feeling good about where things are with Hayden.


I wrote that post several hours ago. So much has changed since then! Hayden canceled without explanation. It’s over.

I didn’t hear from Hayden last night or this morning. I wasn’t too concerned. I sent him a text on my lunch break asking if he still coming over to watch the show with us. He responded of course he was and asked if he could bring anything.

I told him no, I was planning to get a pizza delivered… but then told him he could bring some beer, wine, or champagne if he wanted. He agreed.

At 6:28, I got a text from him that said, “Hi I’m on my way! I have wine too!”

I replied, “Yay! I’m ordering pizza now.”

At 7:10, he sent a text saying, “I’m sorry Lauren I have to cancel tonight.”

I was alarmed. For one, he always calls me baby or honey in text. Never Lauren.

I kept expecting a text with an explanation but it didn’t come.

I asked him, “What happened??”

No response. My imagination was going wild. Was he in an Uber accident? Did he have a family emergency? And the worst: was he drunk?

15 minutes later, still no response so I sent another text, “Are you OK? I’m worried. Can you call me?”

He never called.

At 10:15, literally just a few minutes ago, he sent a text simply saying, “I’m okay… don’t worry. I’m fine.”

I immediately texted, “I’m pretty pissed. What was your reason for canceling?”

That was 15 minutes ago. Crickets.

I am pissed is an understatement. There is no excuse for this bullshit.