Today I’m worried again. The anger has eased.

I’m worried because the long breaks in text communications are uncharacteristic, especially because I asked pointed questions about his reasons for canceling. I don’t think I mentioned this in Monday’s post, but I also called him on the night of the implosion when he wasn’t responding to my texts. He didn’t answer; I didn’t leave a message.

I did mention that he eventually responded via text about being ok and not to worry.

But something doesn’t sit right.

Hayden and I are Facebook friends, which means I have messaging access to his friends and family. But even if he unfriends me right now, I still know his brother’s name and can look him up myself.

* For the record, he hasn’t unfriended me.

A thought crossed my mind today that maybe I should reach out to his brother. Surely his little brother could provide some insight? He’ll know if he’s mentally unstable and might even know if he still has an active drinking problem. Or, he may think this all seems uncharacteristic, too, and would try contacting him himself. (The latter would be preferable, I suppose.)

However, I don’t want to overstep my boundaries, cause unnecessary panic, or, worse, come across as a psychotic ex-girlfriend. But if something is truly wrong, I think his family should know. (He and his brother aren’t very close, but he’s closer to him than anyone else.)

I need feedback. Is this a good idea or not?