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I was on Tinder for just a week and, once again, it provided plenty of “entertainment” complete with head shakes and sighs.

As I’ve said before, a dating profile is worth a 1,000 words. What someone says about themselves and the photos they choose to include speak volumes. There are lots of subtle nuances, too.

I am essentially assessing profiles for good taste. Shirtless/gym/car selfies are all an immediate left swipe. Excessive visible tattoos are an immediate left swipe. Poor grammar and lots of misspelled words are an immediate left swipe. Scowling and/or not a single photo of the dude smiling are an immediate swipe left. Anyone in any of the photos showing the middle finger is an immediate swipe left. Posing with a car is an immediate swipe left. Posing with a drugged tiger is an immediate swipe left.

Exhibit A:


So much no

You get the picture.

What I learned: Someone with good taste doesn’t automatically act in good taste.

Obviously, appropriate human interaction cannot be assessed in a photo. However, I think I erroneously believed that if someone had good taste, it basically meant they were also a reasonable person with a likeable personality.

Ha! The joke was on me.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had downloaded an app called Anonymous Texting that provides a free fake phone number to protect privacy. My review? It sucks. I gave my fake number to one dude and the app froze the discussion after we exchanged a few texts, telling me I couldn’t send any more texts without paying for them first. Oh hell no!

But I didn’t care because the guy I was texting with turned out to be unsavory anyway. He apparently only wanted to talk about our experiences with kink. I told him I didn’t talk about sex before a first date and that it was making me uncomfortable, yet he continued to try to steer the conversation back to sex.

I uninstalled Anonymous Texting that same day. Of course, I also unmatched the guy on Tinder. For the record, I was really thankful I’d given him a fake number so that I wouldn’t have to hear from him ever again.

And then there was the guy who didn’t have any info in his profile. However, he was reasonably attractive and I liked the photos he chose. I could see that he was within 3 miles of me.

The conversation was frustrating, though.

His first message: So, tell me about yourself.

I was bewildered. My profile includes lots of information and is at the allowable 500 word count.

Me: What do you want to know? I have plenty of information in my profile.

Him: *grasping at straws* How long have you been single?

Okay, fair enough. At least it wasn’t already answered in my profile. After I answered, I asked him about his blank profile. He said he was brand new to online dating and was still learning. Dude, it’s not rocket science! You’re just being lazy.

He refused to answer my question about where he lived.

But, then, when I took a little longer to respond to a message than he thought was acceptable, he said, “You there? Or are you messaging another guy?”

Whoa, dude! Already jealous??! Huge red flag. I unmatched him immediately.

And I spoke with Tennessee! When I first saw his profile, I swiped left. But when I was shown his profile again a couple days later, I said fuck it and swiped right. We matched! I sent him a message that said, “Well hello again! Fancy meeting you here.”

We exchanged several friendly messages. He suggested getting together again for more sangria, which I happily agreed to.

He didn’t reach out again by the time I uninstalled a few days later. I’m not disappointed. He needs to try harder if he wants to see me again. Even though I’m not traditional by any means, I do expect a man to act like a man and pursue the woman if he’s interested. I am not one to drop hints and wait by my phone.

So concludes my lovely week on Tinder. It was just one week but it was fairly disappointing just the same. For the first time ever, I uninstalled it without a second thought. Good riddance!