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This post was inspired by my good friend, Carrie. (Hi, Carrie!)

I have seen thousands of profiles. After a while, they all start looking the same. To catch someone’s attention, your profile has to stand out by being unique or memorable. Say something that inspires them to send you a message. Make them excited to engage in conversation and learn more about you.

And do it succinctly. Bumble allows just 300 words, Tinder allows 500. OK Cupid and similar sites don’t have a limit but keep it relatively brief regardless. No one needs to know your life story.

In my Tinder profile I include inside jokes relating to Game of Thrones and Nirvana.

In my OK Cupid profile, where space is less restrictive, I include lots of information like my favorite musicians/bands, foods, travel destinations, etc. but, more importantly, I mention why they are my favorite. For example, “I love stringed instruments in rock music” and “I prefer humorous non-fiction.”

In all, I clearly state that I’m a mom with 50% custody, what I’m looking for, my hobbies & interests (including my favorite beer and artist), and that I’m currently obsessed with my new guitar.

What to include:

  • Your correct age. This goes without saying.
  • The city you live in and the city you work in.
  • That you have kids (if you’re a parent).
  • What you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a friend, an NSA fling, or your next significant other, make it clear. Don’t waste anyone’s time.
  • Keep it positive. Be upbeat and friendly. No one wants to see “If you’re crazy, swipe left” or “Is anyone real here??!” You can certainly think it, but don’t say it. You catch bees with honey, not vinegar.
  • Be specific. You love art? What kind? Sculptures or paintings? Warhol or Rousseau?
  • Include something that’s unique. Love yoga, dogs, or wine? So does 95% of the rest of the online dating population. But do you also love roller skating, Dachshunds, and stout? Now that’s worth mentioning.
  • Your current obsession. Learning trumpet, Spanish, or how to cook?

Of course, not everyone reads the profile. I am repeatedly amazed at the number who don’t.

But, in the off chance they do, make it interesting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the conversation it can generate.