I finally heard from my daughter! She called from my cousin’s phone as soon as they had phone service. She sounded happy and said she had a great time. I can’t wait to see them both!

There’s been a change of plans, though, and now I need to drive twice as far to pick them up tonight because they went home with a different cousin than they went up with.

It was unexpected and requires me to push back my plans to see Hayden tonight. He’s planning to stay overnight since we’ll get a late start tonight. I can’t wait to enjoy overnight snuggles with him.

My neighborhood NextDoor app continues to baffle and entertain, as usual. A recent thread about ravens now has 150 responses. The original poster complained about noisy ravens and asked what can be done about them… prompting responses such as “What is wrong with you, you monster?! You’re complaining about the sounds of nature! Even raucous birds beat the sounds of gunshots and traffic!” and everyone was chiming in with their own personal stories about how intelligent ravens are. They recognize human faces! They offer gifts!

And then there was the very poorly worded post: “Come to a community meeting to keep seniors out of the inner sunset.” WHAT?! Everyone was up in arms, and for good reason. Turns out the original poster was simply inviting everyone to a community meeting to discuss a large senior housing development project. *sigh*