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It was great finally seeing the kids last night and knowing they were safe and sound. They ran out of the house to greet me with hugs as soon as I pulled up at my cousin’s house. It was so sweet.

I learned that my daughter was homesick and had asked my cousin if I could come pick her up on the last night. Had I known, I would have driven up to get her but there was no way for them to reach me. My cousin told me the pay phones at the resort were extremely overpriced ($25 per call) so, although I’m disappointed, I’m glad they didn’t call.

The kids couldn’t wait to get home and sleep in their own beds last night. They stayed with Mars last night but tonight they’ll be with me. I get them tonight for the next 5 days.

I had originally told Hayden to meet me at my place at 8 last night, then 8:30… and then as the night progressed I had to move it back even further to 9. I returned home at 8:45. Hayden was a little early and was already waiting outside for me.

My heart always does somersaults when I first catch a glimpse of him. I am still so ridiculously attracted to him… especially his clear aqua eyes framed by dark thick lashes and his adorable button nose. He has great hair, too! I’m always running my fingers through it.

He had packed an overnight bag with premeditated plans to stay overnight… on a weeknight! This was big. He told me he wasn’t even planning to go home first before going to work, something he’d never done before. He lives a block from his office so he usually goes home and gets ready there. Last night, however, he said he wanted to enjoy as much time together with me as possible. Aww!

We snuggled like koala bears on the couch while watching an episode of Six Feet Under and Last Week Tonight. We talked about our days.

At one point, he asked me, “Are you excited about going to work tomorrow?” I laughed incredulously and asked him if he was joking. Of course I’m not excited about going to work tomorrow, are you insane?!

He was serious, though. He said he always looks forward to going to work. What a weirdo! But I am glad he loves his challenging job. It’s actually refreshing to be with someone who loves their job. I love my job, too, even though I wouldn’t go so far to say I look forward to going every day.

We had sweet passionate sex last night, slept wrapped around each other all night, then had sex again this morning. His cuddles and touch are addictive and feel so damn good.

It felt like a luxury getting ready for work next to him. We sat and sipped coffee while he waited for his Uber to arrive.

He said he’d return tomorrow night even though he won’t be able to stay overnight (he has a Saturday morning work event to attend), then will return on Saturday night and stay overnight. Yay!

Things feel different with him now, more serious. I like it.