I’ve had my kids for the past 2 nights so I don’t have any dating stories to share since my last post. I have been messaging a few guys, though, and we’re currently negotiating a day and time for our first dates.

I have a first date scheduled for tonight. We’ll see if it actually pans out because he’s a workaholic who tends to work late. I hope it actually happens because I’m excited to meet him! He seems like a really sweet guy.

I sent him a text this morning asking him if we were still on for tonight, specifically asking if he had a venue in mind for drinks, but have yet to get a response.

Lola is sick and had to cancel our dinner plans for tomorrow night. Boo. Since it will be my last kid-free night until next Tuesday, I hope to fill the vacancy in my schedule with someone else. TBD.

California is currently in a state of emergency due to several wildfires. The sky here in the bay area is extremely smokey. Air quality is deemed “unhealthy” and/or “dangerous” – not good for an asthmatic like me! I’m thankful my asthma is normally well-controlled with medication and that I don’t live closer to the Napa & Sonoma county fires 1 hour north of here.

I’m crossing my fingers so that I can avoid a doctor’s office or emergency room visit. I didn’t sleep well last night because the smoke kept waking me up. I am glad to be in the office today with air conditioning and air filtration, something I don’t get to enjoy at home.

Yesterday afternoon as the kids and I were driving home from visiting apple farms in the Sierra Nevada foothills, my daughter asked me when we’re going to see Hayden again. I told her I didn’t know, that he isn’t feeling well. She asked for details. I told her that he has high blood pressure but won’t go to the doctor. (I didn’t feel like getting into a discussion about alcoholism at the time.)

She asked if he could die. I said yes. She said, “That’s really sad. We should send him a get well card.” I agreed that that would be nice.

She hasn’t brought it up since.