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I had a 1st date last night with my first 20-something since lowering my lower age limit on Tinder last weekend. We had a really nice time but I’m not yet going to give him a name on the blog because, well, I think he’s already ghosted me. Haha

I had some difficulty lining up a date last night. As I suspected, the start-up founder dude never got in touch to confirm our date even though last time we were in touch I had specifically told him I put the date in my calendar and was leaving the ball in his court.

He failed. I ended up not confirming with him because I was so over it. This is the same dude that said “yeah, I could probably do something after 8 pm?” when I last tried to arrange meeting him. It’s clear he’s too busy with his start-up or just not interested enough to make an effort. Next!

So then I tried arranging a date with a 28 year old newbie but he was feeling under the weather and wasn’t up for traveling into San Francisco. That was fine because since tonight’s date with the highway patrol officer fell through (he has to work overtime), 28 year old newbie and I arranged plans for tonight instead.

So I reached out to 29 year old newbie to see if he was available. He was! I let him know the risk (i.e. that I had been sick and might still be contagious) and he was really sweet about it. He said, “Are you feeling up to it? Are you sure you don’t need more rest?” I assured him I was fine, and he told me he was game.

Name: TBD

Met on: Tinder

29 years old, works in mergers & acquisitions for tech companies, never married, no kids

We decided to meet at 8:30 at Social Kitchen & Brewery. I was running 10 minutes late due to attending my son’s winter concert.

When I walked into the brewery, he was standing inside at the bar. We walked toward each other. I typically like to give my dates hugs when meeting for the first time. He seemed a little taken aback by my hug.

He was cute! Tall, dark hair, gorgeous blue eyes.

We got a booth and he immediately asked what I’d like to drink. I decided on the saisson; he insisted on getting the drinks. I told him I’d get the second round.

We immediately clicked. We had nice, easy, engaging conversation over the next two hours. He used hand gestures when he spoke, which I thought was charming. We talked about our jobs, our families, religion, politics, and our support of gay marriage.

He was sweet and genuine. A good person. I liked him.

He insisted on getting the 2nd round. I opted for a lager.

We decided to wrap up at 11. I parked in the parking lot next to the brewery; he was going to call an Uber. We did some G-rated kissing in the parking lot. He seemed hesitant. Was it because he was worried about my contagion?

Once at home, I sent him a Tinder message thanking him again for the beers, told him that I had a lovely time, and that I would be interested in seeing him again if he felt the same.


Today, still crickets. He hasn’t unmatched me on Tinder so I take that as a good sign…..?

Tonight: Happy hour date with an adorable 28 year old. He is devastatingly handsome and reminds me of my heartthrob John Gourley but without the mustache.


I’ve packed my lube just in case. Hopefully it will help prevent latex irritation or at the very least reduce it.

More later.