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I am kicking off my next 5 kid-free nights tonight with a bang. I see Kennedy tonight and can’t wait!

This morning I asked him if I should hold off eating dinner with the kids so that we could get a late dinner together. He said, “Get dinner with your kids. I just want to hang out and talk with you, and enjoy your company.”

Aww. Be still my heart.

Everyone in my life knows that my family is extremely important to me. Toward the end of my marriage, our marriage counselor asked Mars what he loved most about me. He replied, “She’s family-oriented.”

I was impressed when Kennedy picked up on this value almost immediately. And he is the only guy I’ve dated that celebrates my relationship with Mars. He even said, “I admire that about you” and my heart swelled. Like me, he firmly believes that encouraging and maintaining good relationships with family is critical.

Mars is still family despite the divorce. We are forever joined together because of our kids. You all know that I now think of him and relate to him as a brother or a cousin rather than an ex-husband.

I’m looking forward to my date tomorrow with the Bostonian. He seems really insightful. He said, “I like your playful attitude. It’s a true rarity.” This morning he sent me a text saying that he had some vivid dreams about me last night. I don’t know whether I should be concerned or flattered. He’s never met me; how could he have a dream about me?! I called him out on it and said, “You’re either joking or being charming.” He replied, “Charming. I never would have thought to make something like that up!”

I’m going to keep my date with the inexperienced dude. Why not?! It’s just dinner, not a marriage proposal.

D texted last night saying that Saturday night works better than Friday night. Even better. I’m hoping I can arrange to see Kennedy on Friday night.

Last night I packed up the Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Mars came over late last night to pick them all up so he could stuff them back into his attic until next year. The house feels a lot more spacious today.