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Last night with Kennedy was incredible, as usual. It was our 4th “date” if you will but I will no longer be numbering them. There’s no point… and it also seems like dates 1 through 3 are always the most critical, anyway.

Kennedy and I like spending time together and will hopefully continue seeing each other in the foreseeable future. So far, so good. We have tentative plans to see each other again on Friday night.

We had a blast last night. He’s so easy to be around with his calm, laid-back presence and great sense of humor. Also: He’s sweet and adorable.

We were together for 10 hours last night. 4 of them were spent having sex, 4 broken hours were spent sleeping, and the remaining 2 were spent intensely cuddling (big bear hug cuddles – I was in heaven) and talking.

Sex with him is tender and passionate with lots of wet, deep kissing.

I am beyond exhausted today. My eyes are burning. And yet I feel like I’m on cloud 9.

We showered together this morning. It’s fun to shower with him because he’s so affectionate, touching and kissing often.

After Kennedy left, I was surprised to see a couple texts from the Bostonian he had sent late last night. (I had silenced my phone notifications when Kennedy arrived.) They said that I was on his mind and that he couldn’t wait to meet me.

We’ll be meeting for dinner and drinks tonight at 6:30 in SOMA. I am looking forward to it!

As for my possible trip to London, I was extremely close to booking my flight yesterday and then received a jury duty notice in the mail last night. My jury duty is scheduled 1 week prior to my desired trip! WTF. What are the chances of that?! It’s too close for comfort. I’m going to read the fine print to see if there’s any way to delay my civic duty. Otherwise, I’ll have to pass on visiting lovely London in February… and I’ll be heartbroken.