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I had to cancel my first date last night. Yesterday I woke up feeling not so great and decided to save myself commute insanity by working from home. I was present on work email until around 1, when I started feeling a lot worse. My head felt like it was going to explode despite 600 mg of Advil and lots of water.

I took a long nap from 2 to 4 and woke up feeling even worse. I now had slight body aches and nausea. I knew I had to cancel my date.

I was really disappointed. I hate canceling! It always messes up my tight schedule. I sent my date a message through OkCupid letting him know that I was sick and had to reschedule. Problem is… I don’t know when we’ll be able to reschedule. Right now it’s looking like it’ll have to be 2 weeks out. TBD.

I spent the rest of the evening lying supine on the couch watching lots of Grace & Frankie episodes (I’m almost done – only 1 episode left!) and then Truth & Lies: The Tonya Harding Story on ABC.

I went to bed at a reasonable time, got a full night’s sleep, and woke up feeling a lot better. I even worked out this morning.

I’m feeling pretty agitated today regarding Kennedy. I haven’t heard from him since Wednesday morning. We had tentative plans for tonight. If he’s not available, I want to schedule something else. It’s Friday night and I don’t want to be home on the couch again!

This morning I sent him a text asking him to let me know if he’s available tonight. That was 3 hours ago and I have yet to receive a response. WTF. I’ve even seen him online on Facebook a couple times since I sent the text.

If I don’t hear from him by 3 pm, I’m going to assume he’s not available and will make other plans. I may even schedule a 1st date.

I’ll be seeing D tomorrow night. We’re going to have a late dinner together after I attend Jess’s going-away party. He’s been a little more proactive with texting lately but I’m a little suspicious because he never texts in the evenings. I wonder what that’s about.

I have a 1st date scheduled for Sunday afternoon. He’s age-appropriate (43) but also a dad and we have opposite weekend custody schedules! Unfortunately, it appears as though we only have 1 overlap night. But he’s cute and seems sweet. He offered me a date tomorrow night, acknowledging that it’s the Tesla of date nights, but unfortunately I already have plans to attend the party, then a date with D. We’ve settled on the Kia of dates: a Sunday afternoon date. Well, it was either that or wait at least a couple weeks… and we all know there’s no point in prolonging the madness.