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I’m officially getting the silent treatment and/or being ghosted. By Kennedy.

No word from him since Wednesday morning, which is unusual in and of itself but even more baffling because I sent him a text yesterday morning asking him to confirm last night’s tentative plans one way or another.

I alternate between being confused, livid, and concerned.

Is he just not interested anymore and too coward to tell me? Did he meet someone else? Did he have a date last night and didn’t know how to explain himself? Is he spinning out on some family drama? Did he get bad news and is trying to handle the fall-out? If his text or my text is being touchy, he has other ways to contact me via Tinder or Facebook.

I am baffled and extremely hurt. This is Kennedy, the one I thought I had an intense emotional connection with!

I can see him on online on Facebook… which makes me even angrier.

I don’t know what to do. Do I wait it out? Or do I reach out again through text and ask him what’s going on? If I do the latter, I’d have to choose my wording carefully so as not to come off as defensive or argumentative.

I hate this! I don’t understand.

I’m realizing that consistency is a huge thing for me when choosing a boyfriend. The guys who hang on and continue contact are eventually the ones who win my heart. This is why I was so smitten with both Hayden and Joaquin. Despite all other issues, at least they were consistent.

Last night I made plans for a 1st date since I didn’t hear from Kennedy. He ended up flaking 1/2 hour before our date. So, once again, I spent the evening at home. It wasn’t horrible – I finished season 3 of Grace & Frankie, took a hot bath, and was in bed by 11 – but it wasn’t how I wanted to spend a rare kid-free Friday night.

I heard from Kennedy as I was typing that last paragraph. Through Facebook Messenger. He said, “Hey, how are you?” and it made me even madder. I asked him why he didn’t respond to my text yesterday. He said he’s without his phone, that he left it at the office. I told him I still hadn’t heard from him in a few days despite that, and that it worried me.

Currently having a pretty intense conversation through Messenger. My heart is beating out of my chest. Geez.

More later.

Tonight: Late dinner with D followed by excessive sex. He claims he’s sex-starved. I doubt we’ll get much sleep tonight.