Cast of Characters

Here’s the Cliff Notes version of the main characters I mention here frequently:

Mars: My ex-husband. We met on in June 1998, married October 2002, had two children, separated August 2014, and divorced December 2016. We had a very amicable split and are great friends.

Lola: Close friend and colleague since 1998. She took an early retirement in December 2016 so I no longer see her daily.

Jill: Close friend and colleague. We met in fall 2016 because she was going through a divorce and our colleagues told her to talk to me for advice. We bonded.

Racer X: We met in November 2014 on OK Cupid. He was in town from New York for a conference. We hit it off and have since become very close friends. We email each other several times per week and arrange to see each other every time he’s in town on business.

Hayden: Named because he resembles Hayden Christensen. We met in August 2016 on OK Cupid, became exclusive November 2016, then he suddenly and unexpectedly broke up with me in late January 2017. We remained friends – sometimes even “friends with benefits” – and by summer 2017 we found ourselves in a relationship again. Unfortunately, we broke up again in September 2017 because his behavior was becoming more erratic and he ultimately admitted to abusing alcohol. I haven’t heard from him since. We had a strong bond and he was my best friend. I miss him terribly.

Joaquin: Named because he resembles Joaquin Phoenix. We met in August 2016 (only one day before Hayden) on OK Cupid. We had a very strong connection from the beginning but he wasn’t ready for a relationship. In November 2016, when I told him I was now exclusive with Hayden but wanted to remain friends, he left my life abruptly. I’ve only received a couple text messages from him since then where he’s made promises he hasn’t kept.

Texas: My first relationship since splitting from Mars. We met in September 2014 and dated for 5 months before becoming exclusive in February 2015. We had an off & on again volatile and very passionate relationship but it ended for good July 2016.

The Blond Mandarin: Named because he’s blond and from Kentucky but speaks fluent Mandarin. We met in October 2014 on OK Cupid. We had instant chemistry. I was drawn to his enthusiasm and his bear hug cuddles. He’s also sometimes inappropriate and annoying. We occasionally keep in touch.

Colombian Hottie: We met in November 2014 on Tinder. We were regular “friends with benefits” until I became exclusive with Texas. We have kept in touch and see each other occasionally when I’m single. In November 2016, when I told him I was in a new relationship with Hayden, he expressed disappointment and said he was hoping it would be him. I was shocked – his behavior indicated that he only wanted something casual. He is sweet but fickle.


I will add characters as necessary.