Racer X

It was November 4th. Voting day. I voted and was still wearing the ‘I Voted’ sticker on my black jacket the night I met Racer X.

My date ended late, later than I anticipated. It was a quarter after midnight. I was hoping Racer X would still want to meet. He was in town from New Jersey for a conference and had two presentations to give the next day.

I checked my phone and saw that I had three text messages from him. The last one was sent just 30 minutes prior and simply said, “Hey. Been trying to meet you.” Pixies! I was immediately smitten… honestly, even more smitten than I already was. We’d written about 30 emails to each other the night before and had so much in common. Everything he wrote really resonated with me. He said all the right things!

Since it was late, I didn’t want to waste time with texting so I called him. When he answered, he sounded groggy, like he’d been sleeping. I said, “Hi Racer X, it’s Lauren. Did I wake you up?” I don’t remember exactly what he said but I think he denied it. I apologized for calling so late and asked him if he still wanted to meet. He said yes. I told him I could pick him up at his hotel in 10 minutes. He asked for 15.

I immediately headed downtown to the Hilton on O’Farrell after punching the address into my phone’s GPS.

I hadn’t even pulled up to the Hilton 10 seconds when Racer X came into view. I waved and he walked over and got into my car. We said quick hellos to each other and that’s when I noticed a parking space across the street from the hotel. Wow, it was my lucky day! I parked. We’d traveled a whole 20 feet in my car together! Racer X joked about that.

He seemed like an old friend, not someone I’d just met. It was so bizarre to me. He just felt familiar.

The bar was close enough to walk to from the hotel so we left my car there and walked two blocks west on O’Farrell to find Bourbon & Branch. The conversation flowed easily. We talked about the bad Tenderloin neighborhood, I told him I loved his glasses, I told him I had LASIK surgery but that I now need slight corrective lenses, and other things I can no longer remember. He walked with his hands in his pockets. I was a little disappointed. I had hoped we’d hold hands.

We couldn’t find Bourbon & Branch so I suggested Rye a couple blocks away on Geary.

It was probably around 12:40 when we walked into Rye. Fortunately, it was not crowded. I walked up to the bar to get started on a drink order. Racer X ordered an Old Fashioned. I ordered the bar special, an Autumn Old Fashioned. Before Racer X went to find a table, he handed me a 20 dollar bill and I kicked in extra ($5? $6? I can’t remember) to cover the difference plus tip. I thanked him for buying.

Racer X returned to say that there were plenty of tables in the next room so we found a booth along the wall and sat side-by-side instead of across from each other. The next hour or so flew by. We discussed how to make Old Fashioneds, marriage, divorce, infertility, parenthood, college, careers, New Jersey, and music. At one point, the MIA song “Paper Planes” came on and Racer X listened intently to see whether it was MIA or The Clash. I had no idea the Clash song “Straight to Hell” had the same intro! (He sent me the link to the Clash song the next day.)

We talked a lot about how liking the Pixies was almost like being in a secret club. I remember saying, “Most people aren’t familiar with the Pixies. We’re few and far between.” We met thanks to the Pixies and OK Cupid.

Soon, the lights were dimmed and then flashed to signal that the bar was closing. Damn. Already?

We continued our conversation all the way back to the hotel and car. As we got close to the hotel, he asked me if I wanted to come back to his hotel room to continue the conversation and listen to music. He did make it clear that his intentions were pure, although I can’t remember how he said it. Maybe he said, “No funny business.” I laughed and said sure. How could I say no? We had just one night to get to know each other and I wanted to maximize our time together.

Back at the hotel, I figured I should read the parking sign where my car was parked to make sure it was cleared for street cleaning. I’m glad I looked because the street cleaning window was soon to start.

Racer X hopped in the car with me so that we could move it. We found a spot one block over, on the backside of the Hilton. As we walked back to the hotel, Racer X told me that he’d made fan pages for two (or was it three?) bands when he was in college. One was for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. But then I momentarily got confused and wondered whether Mighty Mighty Bosstones was from New Jersey, since we’d just been talking about New Jersey bands. We joked about how it was late and I must be tired.

The path from the Hilton’s front entrance to Racer X’s hotel room was long and maze-like: through the lobby, through a retail area (Racer X mentioned the long morning lines in front of the Starbucks but that he’d go to the Starbucks outside and half a block away and be back with his coffee while the same people were still standing in line), up an elevator, and through maze-liked horseshoe pathways.

Once in his hotel room, I used the restroom while he brought out his laptop to find music. We sat together on the foot of the bed while he played Itchin’ On A Photograph by Grouplove, then I played So American by Portugal the Man. I know we listened to more music but I can’t remember what!

Racer X’s hand brushed my leg, which prompted me to ask if he was touchy or not. I am a very touchy person. He seemed to deliberately not touch me… until now. I was surprised when he said that, yes, he was touchy. I explained that I’m touchy. That apparently broke the ice. Racer X leaned in for the much-anticipated kiss. His lips were so sweet and soft. He tasted so good, too! I probably announced this to him.

He kissed my neck and my shoulders, giving me goosebumps. The kisses turned more passionate. It was clear where this was headed.

Racer X made it clear that I didn’t have to go further if I didn’t want to, being that he lived on the other side of the country. He didn’t want me to have regrets. I wanted to go further! I wanted to enjoy and experience everything I could about Racer X during our short time together. When would there be another opportunity?

I announced to Racer X that I couldn’t receive oral sex because I was spotting pretty heavily in advance of my period. He seemed really disappointed and said that it was probably for the better because he really enjoys it. My heart melted a little.

We undressed. Racer X’s manhood was so perfect, unlike any I’d ever seen. It looked like it wasn’t real: super straight, smooth, almost glossy. Beautiful. Racer X showed me how to touch him the way he liked… using my fingernails. I was a surprised by how forceful he wanted me to be with my fingernails while stroking his rigid cock.

Racer X didn’t have a condom but, fortunately, I did. While above me, he slowly eased his engorged shaft into my silky slit. Ecstasy. I couldn’t stop kissing him. Soon I climbed on top and straddled him, rocking my hips back and forth and leaning down to kiss him frequently. The sheet kept falling off my shoulders.

When I got tired, we laid side-by-side under the covers. It was a little cool in the room so Racer X got up and turned up the thermostat. That was better.

I masturbated while Racer X whispered in my ear all the things he’d do to me if he could. “I am licking you, moving my tongue around your clitoris… around and around and around… and then I’d slip a finger inside and move that in and out, in and out….” It really turned me on.

I was so tired that I was having a hard time climaxing. (It was probably 4:30 am at this point.) Racer X slipped inside of me once again while we groped and kissed each other, soon ending in a grand finale.

It was around 5am by this point. As much as I wanted to stay and snooze with Racer X, and wake up next to him, I had to get home before the kids woke up. Racer X would get 4 hours of sleep if he was lucky – only one realistically – before having to be back at the conference. And give two presentations! I felt bad for him.

I used the bathroom and got dressed. I tucked Racer X into bed and gave him goodnight kisses but he got out of bed again to kiss me once again before falling back into bed.

I didn’t want to leave. Closing that door behind me was excruciatingly difficult.

A chapter was closed… which turned out to be only the beginning.


14 thoughts on “Racer X”

  1. How did I not see this post before!? Nicely done, Lauren!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This Lauren was a wonderful, inticing, and satisfying encounter to read! Thank you for sharing it and I hope you will always feel the liberation of sharing such intimate details that are in reality… quite Natural, quite human, quite healthy! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Funny you should mention it. I love writing and sharing… but I sometimes feel as though I might be stepping on some toes, revealing too much about people who don’t know I’m sharing these details. Does that make sense?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Makes complete sense. But people can choose NOT to read certain things. It’s their progative… or perhaps their LOSS. One never knows fully until you actually TRY IT!!! And try it SEVERAL times!!! LOL 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know it would be hurtful for me to read, say, Hayden or Joaquin’s blog that discussed the uncertainty of their feelings for me as well as their feelings and sexual escapades with others. And I doubt someone would choose NOT to read something about themselves knowing the info is out there.

        Liked by 1 person

      • BUT Lauren… you are then dealing with TRUTH rather than half-truths or total misconceptions, which only lead to false realities! Sharing this rawly is one of the MOST LIBERATING postures & circumstances that any human can dream of experiencing! It is quite frankly… reality that we can ALL “love” more than one person… romantically, sexually, platonically, etc, etc, etc.! ❤ 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Very true! But I don’t *want* to love more than one person romantically simultaneously… and I don’t want him to love someone else romantically simultaneously. That’s just my personal preference.


      • Though we are all quite capable of loving more than one person — parents do all the time with their children — and loving in great quantities simultaneously, I do understand how keeping love low, less demanding, minimized to one makes things very easy and much less… challenging and more manageable for some, IF those around you are like-minded, all the time, for very long periods of time ironically in a life and on a planet that is in constant change. That in itself can be quite a challenge! LOL

        Strength in numbers! 😉 ❤

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  4. I’m disappointed that you wouldn’t let him go down on you just because you might be spotting! Crazy girl! Especially since he was so into it! And what the hell was wrong with his fingers? I feel like you should have got more out of this encounter.

    Liked by 1 person

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