It was September 11, 2014, my first date with Texas. I didn’t know much about him, as we hadn’t exchanged many emails or texts before deciding to meet over dinner.

I planned to get to the restaurant early. Traffic and parking made me a little later than I expected but I was still a couple minutes early. More importantly, I arrived before he did. I wanted to arrive early so I could watch him walk in. I wanted to see if I would recognize him from his OK Cupid profile photos.

I sat facing the door. Not two minutes after being seated, he walked into the restaurant and, yes, I immediately recognized him. He was tall with dark eyes, wearing jeans, dark blue-ish purple button down shirt, and a black jacket.

I went out on a limb and immediately ordered the Raspberry Kiss cocktail. I rarely order cocktails and typically stick with beer and wine. The cocktail should have been called The Kiss of Death because it went straight to my head. Texas had beer.

We had easy conversation over dinner (I had the chicken; he had the pot roast). The way he said “yeah, yeah” in response to my questions reminded me of my coworker, also named Texas, who I had a bit of a crush on.

After dinner, we decided to walk over to the Mission hand-in-hand to get some drinks and extend the date. By this point, there were definite sparks! We sat at a corner table in Elixir drinking beer, talking, laughing, staring at each other, and occasionally kissing.

We moved to a second bar, The Sycamore, after a couple beers. On the walk over we watched a few minutes of poetry readings in a corner parklet. Once at The Sycamore, we sat in the back courtyard, where a movie was playing, and mostly made out in-between bouts of talking. I prickled as his hands caressed my back. Serious goosebumps! And Texas had luscious lips. Mmmm. Plus, he tasted so good!

The Sycamore was closing so we walked back to Elixir. Once there, Texas realized that he’d left his backpack at The Sycamore. He hurried back there while I sipped a beer and chatted with a guy sitting nearby.

Within about 10 minutes, he arrived back at Elixir. He lent me a charger so I could charge my phone at the bar (awwww!). We couldn’t keep our hands or lips off each other.

Soon, even Elixir was closing. It must have been 1:30 am by this point. We walked back to my car in the Castro, stopping to make out and grope each other at fairly regular intervals along the way.

Back at my car, we hopped into the backseat and attacked each other… a tangle of hands, lips, and tongues. Lots of panting. We removed our shoes and pants. Texas now over me and both of us breathless, he easily slid his rigid cock into my velvet cleft. We melted into each other, groping and kissing in ecstasy. The windows fogged up.

We lost track of time and, suddenly, it was 5:30 in the morning! I had to get home to do the kids’ morning routine and school drop-off; Texas had to go to work. As we were scrambling to get dressed, I noticed smeared blood on the leather seat and drops of blood inside my shoes. My period wasn’t due until the next day but I was spotting heavily, more heavily than usual. Oops. Texas found some blood on the crotch of his pants – I was mortified!

Most worrisome was that we couldn’t find the condom wrapper. We searched everywhere! Just exactly how would I explain that to my ex-husband or kids if they found it?

I drove Texas to the Embarcadero via Market Street. We said hasty, reluctant goodbyes in the dim early dawn light. We held each other’s gaze as I drove away.

Back home, I tore the car apart in search of the missing condom wrapper. Nothing. I figured it must have fallen out of the car as we stepped out. There was no other explanation.

The car was packed full of camping gear and people later that night. No sign of the condom wrapper anywhere. After returning from camping, I took the car to get washed. It was cleaned inside and out. Still no sign of the wrapper!

Two weeks later, it magically appeared on the floor of the back seat as I dropped the kids off at school. Fortunately, they didn’t notice it before I snatched it up.

Seeing it made me smile as I thought about my steamy first date with Texas.


12 thoughts on “Texas”

  1. Back seat sex. Wow, I can’t remember the last time I did that. Then again, I have a pickup truck now, and that kind of eliminates that recreation for me. 😀

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  2. Mmmmm… delightful read Lauren! Thank you for sharing most of the evening’s successful date with Tex! 😈

    Off to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

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